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On the 12th of December, 2018
Sonal & Jitin
Laugheloped in Tucson, AZ.

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About Bride

That was so wonderful

Our Bride, Sonal is as cheerful as she is sweet. A person who believes in spreading love and colors wherever she go. A person who is beautiful not just from looks, but from heart too. Born in the era of Fairytales story, she was more towards finding someone who will understand her and help her in becoming a better version of herself. She never knew back then that her prince charming will be exactly that and much more.


About Groom

That day changed everything

Don’t let the outer façade of our Groom fool you, he is as soft and mushy from inside as a marshmallow (they are not our words, but his bride’s). Bought up in a family tightly woven together by Love and Trust, he always wanted someone who will understand the true value of being in a family. Well, his search ended right on our Bride…Believe it or not, but they are actually match made in Heaven.

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“ The best gift is your patecipation, thanks to all ”


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